I let me boredom get the better of me and allow the ink to flow in whatever direction it wants.

Luke seems to be pretty good at breaking the ice!

What happened to Luke was pretty cold, they shouldn’t have been Russian over that lake.

I’m honestly kind of proud of this one :)
The original background was boring so I spiced it up a little :)
Does this count as a selfie?

Edited together two of my screenshots. One from today of my current character and an older one. Both edited, the background can be found unedited on my page and I might post my characters unedited later. Dunno…

Anyways just wanted to give editing a shot since I’ve hardly ever done it. I start college at the end of August so I might as well brush up on it a bit. Might do more of these later :)
I found a dead lady!

Keeping You Guys Posted

I want to apologize for my inactivity recently. My tablet, which is where the majority of my posting is done, is broken. Most of the things I have been doing recently are things that require pictures to be taken of them and that was the best camera I had. 

But while I have a bit more spare time now that I’ve graduated and I don’t have a bunch of random games staring me in the face, I can focus a bit more on getting my Etsy officially started up. I already have a few things done and I hope to get to an art store soon to get some more supplies.

For those of you curious, I graduated high school on the 26th and will be attending The Sage College of Albany by the end of the summer. And Sage is a major art school so I’ll definitely be able to keep up with my arting.

I think I’ve said enough for now, have a wonderful day/night!

Sorry if the quality is bad I resized this almost a thousand times now and finally got it under 10mb so deal with it..