I have this recurring dream, that during the apocalypse, after our little group has depleted to just the two of us, you begin to have doubts. You say you want to leave, that we would be better off going our separate ways. I know why. It’s because of my feelings for you; and I can see it in your eyes that that is the reason. I immediately beg you to stay; say that I would put all of my love for you aside if you would only stay. You say it would never work, as you reach for the door handle. I drop to my knees and begin to sob like a child. “I’ll stop loving you if it will make you stay!” is the only full sentence I can muster up. I hear the door creek open and a cold breeze runs down my spine. I take one last look at you and catch a gleam in your eye.

"I’m sorry." 

When I woke up this morning, I realized that that was just the imaginative part of my mind telling me that even if we ever gave ‘us’ a chance it would never work. That no matter how many times I try to sleep and re-dream this dream it will always end the same. 

But in all honesty, I think getting the experience of being yours would be worth watching you walk away in the future. Knowing that I’ve lost you will hurt, but I’ll have the memories of when we here happy to seal the wounds.

I think the most painful thing to hear from my parents regarding being bullied by a person of the opposite sex while growing up was “Maybe they have a crush on you.”

I let my boredom get the better of me and allow the ink to flow in whatever direction it wants.

Luke seems to be pretty good at breaking the ice!

What happened to Luke was pretty cold, they shouldn’t have been Russian over that lake.

I’m honestly kind of proud of this one :)
The original background was boring so I spiced it up a little :)